"The first challenge is building and maintaining strategic alignment across the separate corporate entities, each of which has its own goals, market pressures and share holders."

- Bamford, Ernst, and Fubini
Launching a World
Class Joint Venture

HBR 2004

Who We Serve

Managed Transitions provides services to hospitals, health systems, physician groups, health information exchanges, accountable care organizations.


The Team at Managed Transitions is made up of a unique group of highly talented senior healthcare executives that have a wealth of experience in leading and assisting organizations to manage changes resulting from external influences, leadership, governance, or profitability/sustainability.


We function as trusted advisors, coaches, and adjunct team members who support and assist the executive to assess and act on the key business issues, and stakeholder demands in their environment.  Our team is comprised of experienced senior leaders whose expertise can be relied upon in the arenas of finance, strategic leadership, and patient care.


Our focus is to enable the success of your team, through the provision of support, subject matter expertise, and focus.  We take pride in the extraordinary results we help our clients achieve.


Our clients include the following: