Our Services


Transition Management

Organizational Development


Service Components

  • Governance infrastructure assessments
  • Board communication analysis
  • Individual and group coaching/mentoring for leading the organization in transition
  • Facilitation of board self evaluation and implementation of practice/process changes that support the organization
  • Identification of resources and information that drive effective decision-making
  • Strategies and techniques for building and leading a culture which embraces high
    performance standards
  • Succession planning
  • Strategies and practices for leading during times of change and uncertainty


Trustee Education and Governance Advisory

Managed Transitions provides education for hospital trustees, governance training, and health care Board of Directors support.


Conceptual Framework
Healthcare governance is at a turning point.  Competition, changing market dynamics including the emergence of accountable care, increasing demands for transparency in practices and outcomes, and an aggressive regulatory environment pose tough challenges to leadership.  As boards shift away from a singular focus on finance and strategic planning, their work is migrating toward a value-added orientation, an emphasis on publicly reported performance measures, and toward strategic and collaborative leadership models.


We recognize that each board brings a unique skill set to the governance process.  It is our aim to build upon those skills to transform the able board into the exceptional board, better prepared to lead a high performing health care organization.


Managed Transitions works with board leadership to identify the critical processes and competencies that can significantly impact board effectiveness and value.  Our expertise brings new insights regarding the information and resources that boards need, and collaborates in the identification and implementation of critical practices for the future.


Results & Return on Investment

Our engagement will result in the design and implementation of a program that ensures the best preparation of your board to execute upon their charge.  Elements of such a plan often include; preparation of trustees “in training”; standardizing a method for orienting new board members; clarity regarding the role of trustee vs. management, creation of board succession plans that celebrate legacy while ensuring appropriate skill sets exist on the board, and a focus on organizational culture, healthy communication, achieving alignment regarding current business requirements and awareness regarding industry trends and best practices.