Our Services


Transition Management

Organizational Development


Service Components

  • Mapping new executive’s learning agenda
  • Assimilation facilitation and transitions strategies
  • Executive team competencies and effectiveness assessments.
  • Stakeholder mapping and strategy assessments
  • Operations, clinical, and financial performance assessments
  • Governance infrastructure evaluation
  • Year-One tactical initiative planning


On-Boarding and Transition Support for New Executives

Managed Transitions provides support for new hospital executives; on-boarding support for healthcare CEOs and hospital turnaround training.


Conceptual Framework
Executives new to role, however experienced, have a short window of time during which he/she must rapidly access and integrate critical information, engage key stakeholders, and assess team capabilities.  Whether the need is for rapid turnaround or effective transitions, we employ a methodology and business focus to achieve early and tangible “wins” that provide a growth platform for the high performing executive team.


Results & Return on Investment

First 60-120 days on-boarding plan and facilitation


Executive team strength and gap analysis


Stakeholder mapping reflecting key priorities


In collaboration with executive and team articulate findings, priorities, and framework for 12 month plan/next steps


Governance infrastructure strengths & gaps including effectiveness of vertical and horizontal communications, alignment on priorities, effectiveness of working committees, and balance between financial and quality focus