Our Services


Transition Management

Organizational Development


Service Components

  • Business focused executive and management team skills inventory; individual and collective
  • Development & implementation of individual and team action plans which define performance expectations, timelines & outcomes
  • Succession planning
  • Coaching focused on accountability, collaborative & negotiating skills, and business results
  • Individual and team coaching sessions; work flow observations


Executive Development, Coaching and Team Building

Managed Transitions provides hospital executive coaching and CEO support. As your healthcare organization coach, we coach the hospital management team.


Conceptual Framework
Amidst changing market dynamics and growing work force shortages, development through coaching is needed more than ever as an essential tool for managing organizational change.  The essential competencies and expectations of the executive team have expanded in scope and depth.  Many organizations have not had the time or resources to refine processes for executive on boarding, executive development, and management team building.  At Managed Transitions we work with our clients to facilitate productive change in people, teams, and systems by enabling leaders, managers, and employees to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped.


Our senior consultants provide leadership coaching as one of the core competencies we bring to all engagements. Through coaching, your leaders will learn how to optimize the value of your organization’s human capital. These individuals become catalysts for positive change.


As we work with your team, a coaching culture is created that encourages organizational learning and improved performance.  We believe that coaching has emerged as the best way to help individuals expand critical business skills and to work more effectively together building a stronger and more resilient executive team.


Results & Return on Investment